Indonesia Rejects Israel's Normalization Call

Desi Angriani    •    Selasa, 29 Mar 2016 14:18 WIB
Indonesia Rejects Israel's Normalization Call
Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung (Foto: Antara Foto/ Andika Wahyu), Jakarta: The Indonesian Government rejected call from Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries. 
Indonesia will only consider normalization if Palestine has gained its full independence.
"Indonesia prioritizes Palestinian independence. If it has been fulfilled, Indonesia will consider," said Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung at his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/29/2016).
Pramono mentioned Indonesia's support to Palestine is proved by extraordinary summit recently held in the country. According to Pramono, normalization with Israel is not priority. "The most important thing is the spirit to realize Palestinian independence," he added. 
In the official website of Israeli Foreign Ministry, Netanyahu lamented cold relations between the two countries. He said both countries could have cooperation in various sectors.
"The time has come to change our relations; the reasons that prevented this are no longer relevant and I hope that your visit will help with this," he stated in the website, Monday (3/28).